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Unbeatable hardware-software integration of two world-class products is now available worldwide

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — alwaysAIleader in computer vision platforms, announces its partnership with seed studio, an AIoT hardware platform. This partnership provides an AI solution that accelerates the deployment of computer vision applications on Seeed’s edge devices by integrating the alwaysAI computer vision platform.

alwaysAI Accelerated Edge Deployment for Developers: Computer Vision One-Year Subscription

Developers and enterprises face unreasonable computer vision timelines and the difficulty of deploying production applications to IoT devices. This revolutionary new approach will help millions of developers and their businesses build computer vision applications that will work seamlessly on their IoT devices, such as Seeed Studio’s reComputer of Jetson series and Odyssey X86. Developers can add the alwaysAI runtime and deployment capabilities when purchasing their IoT devices to deploy their computer vision solutions faster than ever.

“Accelerating the deployment of computer vision applications to IoT devices will allow developers and enterprises to scale their CV applications much faster,” said Steve Griset, CTO and co-founder of alwaysAI. “We are thrilled to be able to partner with an innovative company like Seeed Studio to bring the power of computer vision to millions of developers around the world.”

The integrated alwaysAI solution will allow developers to use over 130 pre-trained models, optimized model training for NVIDIA and X86 devices, and seamless deployment capabilities. alwaysAI and Seeed Studio are focused on the large-scale deployment of computer vision for developers around the world to improve their business and understand what is happening in the physical world, in real time. “This partnership provides enterprise developers with an easier, faster, and more efficient way to build CV applications and deploy them remotely to the edge,” said Eric Pan, CEO and Founder of Seeed Studio. “AlwaysAI’s extensive Python APIs and real-time analytics are also ready for a custom solution.”

About alwaysAI®
alwaysAI® provides developers and businesses with a comprehensive platform to build, train, deploy, and manage computer vision applications on IoT devices. We bring computer vision to life at the edge – where work and life happen.

About Seeed Studio
Seeed has been serving the global developer community since 2008, providing open technology and agile manufacturing services, with a mission to make hardware more accessible and lower the threshold for hardware innovation.

Contact information:
Dalton Varney
Senior Director of Business Development
[email protected]

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