Daniel Horowitz in a self-portrait (Courtesy of the photographer)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The ringing of bells will soon fill the air. At 2 p.m. on New Years Day, the third annual National Bell Festival takes place, an event that promotes harmony through bell music nationwide. Churches and cathedrals are invited to join in the celebration, as well as parks and memorials. individuals are also welcome.

Daniel Horowitz, a photographer based in Alexandria, has been selected as the official festival artist for 2022.

What is the goal of the official festival artist? The zebra contacted Paul Ashe, director of the National Bell Festival, for an explanation.

“Each year, our official festival artist helps us bring people even closer to the beauty of bells by presenting bells and steeples as true works of art,” he said. “Whether through oil paintings, watercolors, photographs, digital illustrations or any other medium, the official festival artist visually captures what everyone hears: the fabulous ringtone of the festival. New Year ! “

For his interpretation of the bells as art, Horowitz selected a photograph of the Netherlands Carillion, the 127-foot-high steeple in Arlington, a gift from the Dutch after WWII. The monument – designed by Dutch architect Joost WC Boks and inaugurated in May 1960 – has 52 bells, including those recently installed in honor of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., Elanor Roosevelt and Secretary George C. Marshall. It is currently under renovation and should be refitted in early 2022.

Arlington Dutch carillon undergoes restoration, adds bells

Asked about his reaction to being named the festival’s official artist, Horowitz told The Zebra: “I learned of the selection on December 9 and was naturally delighted. I have always loved bells and belfries and the sound of bells, so I was delighted to be selected as the Artist of the 2022 Festival. In addition, the photograph of the Dutch carillon is definitely one of my favorites of 2021. “

Horowitz’s image, titled ‘Netherlands Carilllon, Moonlight’, will appear on the cover of the official festival guide. A limited edition of 50 copies will be available, with the money raised helping to restore bells and spiers across the United States.

“Netherlands Carillon, Moonlight” by Daniel Horowitz (courtesy the photographer)

The photo is a six-minute exhibit, taken during Harvest Moon in September. While filming, he used a tripod weighted down by a sandbag and exposed the image for that exact amount of time. That night, the sky had broken the cloud cover and clouds were drifting beyond the tower during the exhibit.

The photographer shared that in this image, “the fluffy shapes of the moving clouds seem to emphasize the geometric solidity of the steeple, which looks very still and resilient.” He added: “The moonlight brings out a lot of subtle reflections on the sides of the tower, which are not so noticeable during the day.”

Horowitz trained in photography at the Art League School, Rhode Island School of Design, MassArt, and the Capital Photography Center. His work has been featured in The Zebra, the Alexandria Times, and the Naval Historical Society Magazine. It has been exhibited in various locations around the city, including the Alexandria Black History Museum, the Athenaeum, and the League of the Arts Gallery.

The distinction of Official Artist of the Festival is one of the highest he has received for photography. (A print of his photo will be given to the Ambassador of the Netherlands to commemorate this historic event and the restoration of the tower.)

“With all of the current challenges of the pandemic, it’s wonderful to have something positive like the Bell Festival, and I’m proud to contribute all I can to this effort.”

(Note: Would you like to purchase the image? Horowitz plans to sell the remaining copies of the special limited edition of 50 on his Etsy site, dclensman.etsy.com.)

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