Adidas has released its latest Spring/Summer 2022 collection and has once again teamed up with Dubai artist Fink 22 to celebrate.

Called the Blue Version collection, the garments are a revamp of adidas pieces from the 1980s and 1990s of the past, now recreated for today’s audience. Familiar elements such as shorts and tracksuits have been reimagined in oversized or modern technical fabrics, with new pleated details and decorated with asymmetric elements.

With the entire collection in shades of blue and grey, jackets have been stretched to the floor and running base layers such as leggings, t-shirts and sports bras are now technical cotton with waffle weave and come in new proportions.

For the launch of the new collection in the UAE, adidas turned to British artist Fink 22 to celebrate, commissioning a site-specific installation inside The Dubai Mall store.

Also called Version Bleue, it is in shades of blue, and an ode to the power and beauty of the sea. Known for his unconventional approach, abandoning the sharp lines of other graffiti artists in favor of a more energetic and free-form, the artist has even redesigned the use of spray cans, preferring to use a different approach to applying the paint.

“As an artist, I draw inspiration from the world around me, with the graffiti-studded streets of Berlin giving me the idea of ​​turning the humble fire extinguisher into a paintbrush,” says Fink 22.

For this project, his unique, paint-splattered approach covers a large canvas in blended shades of blue, with drips and drips. Deliberately disordered, the work is designed to evoke a sensation of moving water, and suggests waves crashing on the shore, or a waterfall.

Fink 22 is an entirely self-taught photographer, abstract painter and muralist. With a unique style of large-scale drawings filled with bright colors, he has created works in Berlin, Bali, London and Melbourne in addition to Dubai. This is his second collaboration with adidas.

Updated: February 18, 2022, 10:44 a.m.


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