January 27—A photographer who recently moved to the Frederick area was looking for a space to take pictures and work on other creative projects.

But then he decided to open one.

Lockhouse Studios recently held its grand opening at 103 S. Carroll St., Suite D. The studio space, owned by Jason Cline, is ideal for photo and video projects.

Cline, who has lived in the Frederick area for less than a year, said Lockhouse aimed to fill a need he himself had for a rental studio for photographers, videographers and other creative agencies.

After moving here last March from Philadelphia to be with her partner, Cline “was trying to figure out what work I was going to do, how I could bring something to the community that it didn’t already have, and something that would help promote what I love to do professionally,” he said.

He thinks Lockhouse will fill a need that other local creatives have had.

“I found that there are many similar people [who] go to Baltimore or DC to do their projects that require studio space, and I didn’t want to do that personally,” he said.

Cline works to ensure that all of its customers’ needs are met. The space offers craft services, a cloakroom and a hair and make-up area including a shower. The company also has two loading docks which Cline says will make it easier to load larger scale projects.

The main focus of Lockhouse Studios, of course, is its two major studios. A large room called Studio A has been equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system that will allow photographers and videographers to achieve the exact look they want. Cline said the lights, controlled with an iPad, can even be programmed to mimic the flicker of a television or the flash of lights from a police car.

“All of these effects are built into the lights and program [that runs them]”Cline said.

Photographers are also welcome to bring their own lighting equipment, provided the lights are compatible with a DMX lighting control system.

Studio A is also equipped with what is known in the industry as a cyc wall, or cyclorama, a clean white wall built with angled curves where a corner would typically be. This helps give photos the appearance of having a clean, seamless background.

Lockhouse Studios also offers a smaller, less furnished studio, dubbed Studio B, which has an exposed brick backdrop for projects that need a more “industrial” vibe.

Cline will be adding more equipment to the studio in hopes of being able to bring more projects to fruition in the future.

It took a lot of work to adapt the building to his needs, he said. He first signed the lease in July 2021 and the renovation process lasted just before the official opening in January.

A native of Pennsylvania, Cline named the business after his new home in Dickerson, along the Potomac River, next to the remains of an old lock.

“The river, the story behind it and all of those things quickly became very relevant to my life,” he said. “And I didn’t want the name to be too cliché or limited to Frederick. It’s a nice regional name.”

For those interested in renting the space for their own projects, check out lockhousestudios.comor call 301-842-7070.

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