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Announces a diverse and accomplished roster of talent and motion control expertise

It takes the right mix of talent, skills, personalities and creative passion to create this level of production. It was a slow build that rests on a solid foundation.

– Ryan Hill / Owner & Photographer

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, USA, December 14, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – 8183 Studio announces a new name, 8183 Productions, a recognition of their investment in talent, technology and space. Building on its reputation as a premier photo house, this established full-service production company has added a diverse roster of directors, photographers, DPs, motion control artists and post-production heroes. .

8183 Productions intended to grow the brand through talent acquisition and development. “It takes the right mix of talent, skills, personalities and creative passion to create this level of production. It’s been a slow build that is on a solid foundation, ”said Ryan Hill, owner / photographer.

Mara Whitehead, a recent addition, is an example of their diverse roster. One of the only directors represented in Kansas City, Mara brings her experience with internationally renowned talent (e.g. Helen Mirren, Viola Davis, Jane Fonda, Brie Larsen, Norah Jones) and brands (e.g. L’Oréal , Nissan). His expertise adds depth to an impressive list. Another new addition, Josh Almario, has developed his talents in the underground music scene in Hawaii and is now located in Los Angeles, where he is sought after for global commercial campaigns (e.g. OPI, CND) and music video campaigns ( for example, GRYFFIN, Kolohe Kai, Devour, Xavier Wulf).

The decision to change brands was strongly influenced by the evolution of their technology, talents and skills. The purchase of a Phantom Camera and Motion Control Robot (SISU Cinema C20) allowed their work to match or surpass many large-scale production companies found on the coasts. Since the purchase of the SISU C20, 8183 has been called upon for its expertise in motion control and phantom camera techniques by
agencies across the country. Pair these high-tech, cinematic toys with the diverse and expanding roster of creatives and you’ve got a production company that far rivals its competition. Most recently, they were shortlisted for motion control work on the highly anticipated “Face Off” music video featuring The Rock, Tech N9ne, Joey Cool and King Iso, as well as for a VANS footwear campaign that premieres in February.

Natalie Cordray, executive producer, brings her experience as a TV producer and in large-scale productions. Natalie said: “I chose to join this team because the talent was just as capable as the talent on the ribs. The environment has always felt genuinely collaborative, egoless and open to many diverse creatives to have a space where they are supported and nurtured. By emphasizing and intending to support diversity efforts, I believe we have created a company that is representative of the community at large.

The new branding shines a light on everything 8183 Productions has become from pre-production to post-production, from movie set to beautiful new studio space and a wide range of talent.

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